Our Role

The Advisory Committee consists of representatives from various ministries and consumers who will work cooperatively to address service gaps and to ensure increased coordination and communication among the participants. Our partner organizations work to:

  • Ensure that Protocols for Sexual and Domestic Violence are comprehensive and user friendly for the organizations involved and are updated periodically. (Protocols ensure client needs are met as the priority)
  • Facilitate a plan for Public and Professional Education about Domestic and Sexual Violence and support its implementation
  • Support the work of established sub-committees to achieve goals

Our Responsibilities

Our committee members are responsible for:

  • Exchanging information and perspectives from their organization with the members at the table. (Consumers will provide input)
  • Providing information received at the table to their home agency co-workers to enhance information sharing and improved service delivery to clients
  • Following up with actions as agreed to by the committee on projects
  • Engaging in inter-ministry problem-solving in order to meet committee goals
  • Identifying gaps in service with a view to assisting partner organizations, or collaborating on ways to advocate to the government for creative means of addressing those gaps